Enteringthe Hotel, one can sense the presence of an enigmatic story, a rare encounter between the Ottoman, British and Israeli cultures which was created in Tiberias during the early twentieth century. 
As you step forward you will become immersed back in time to the year of 1917, the year the Hotel Europa was established.  Ancient basalt rock walls, chandeliers and a magical well waiting to grant your every wish in return for your coins, welcome you as you enter. The mere sight of the arched windows, high decorated ceilings, authentic floor tiles, original colorful wallpaper and Tiberian - Turkish(Damascus) styled porcelains will reflect the story of what once occurred here better than any history book or novel. 
For the nostalgic nature lovers among you, a further stroll through the Hotel's orchards will take you a hundred years back, as you wonder between the Tiberian natural flora including:  palm, olive, pomegranate, orange, lemon, fig and mulberry trees, Arabian Jasmin, flowery bougainvillea, and herbs such as hyssop, rosemary and a variety of mints.