Nofesh yarok has chosen for the fourth year in a row the hotel bali in upper tiberious

Hotel bali is located in upper tiberious on the mountain edge with freh mountain air overlooking the sea of galilee.

The hotel is surrounded by grass meadows that create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The hotel was renovated in last few years and each room is air conditioned , has a bath and a refridgerator.

You can choose garden rooms overlooking the grass meadows, family rooms and also rooms as well as family suits.

During the vacation period there will be a strict kosher supervision by rabbi Samuel Boronstiin.

Nofesh yarok will operate in the hotel a babysitting service as well a play room and activities for children. Every night will have an attraction for the whole family.

As well there will be daily tours organized by nofesh yarok to the galilee and the Golan heights.