The Hotel Rooms
Kinar Galilee Hotel is a large holiday resort on the shores of the Kinneret, offering the best holiday experience in North of Israel. The hotel offers a variety of rooms: some in the central building and luxurious garden rooms scattered amongst the hotel's lawns. So, you can choose a room to fit your perfect vacation in northern Israel.  

Kosher Le'Mehadrin Holiday
The hotel offers a Kosher Le'Mehadrin holiday and is well-known for its gourmet, Kosher Le'Mehadrin food. For this reason, it has become the hotel of the religious community in Israel, which feels at home in it. The unique, home-like atmosphere has been created mainly by the warm and personal attitude of the hotel's staff towards its guests and the feeling that the hotel's staff is constantly available to its guest in order to give them the perfect holiday experience in North Israel.
In addition to the Kinneret attractions, you will find a seasonal swimming-pool with separate hours for men and women, lawns, sports facilities, a fitness room and a spa as well as all those special things religious people need: hand-washing basins, Minyanim, a Mikveh and Eruv.
What to do during the vacation? This depends on you. You can rest peacefully while the children enjoy the wide open spaces of the hotel and its facilities. If you are looking for attractions, we will be happy to offer a variety of attractions and activities in the Galilee area for children and adult alike: Jeep trips, sea sports, bicycles, horse-riding, and organized tours.
The special pastoral atmosphere at Kinar Galilee Hotel attracts conference organizers and Simcha celebrators, who use the large variety of halls of the resort to match their needs.
We are waiting for you here to provide the perfect holiday experience. The lawns, the Kinneret and the Golan Heights – just reach out and touch them – are also awaiting you.